Phil Acimovic is a composer, sound artist, and gamelan musician living in Easthampton, MA. He 

writes quiet, austere music as an antidote to the unnatural pace of modern life. In 2018 he served as Artist-In-Residence at the Cold Hollow Sculpture Park in VT.

Upcoming Events

                 I recently finished a new piano work, Piet's Keys

                     Listen Here

                 October 1, 2020, 3:15pm

                    Piet's Keys will be performed at Tufts University.


Past Events

                 August 25, 2018

                    Presentation at Cold Hollow Sculpture Park in VT, as their first Artist-in-Residence

                 July 5, 2018

                    Interlude was performed at the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium

                     at the University of Oregon, Eugene.

                 May 20, 2018

                    All in a Gaze was performed by the Empyrean Ensemble at UC Davis.

                 May 25, 2018

                    Wind Chime Waterwheel for percussion trio was performed by Chris Froh and

                     his students at UC Davis.

                 March - April 2018

                    Ngudi Raras, a Javanese Gamelan group from Indonesia toured the US.

                     Click here for the website and the full tour schedule.

                 February 1, 3, & 5, 2018

                    Reverent Murmurs was performed by the Left Coast Ensemble in Berkeley & SF

                 January 18, 2018

                    Quiet Streams for chamber orchestra was performed by the St Louis Symphony

                     as part of the Revision/s festival for young composers at UC Davis.

              May 27 - June 30, 2017 

                  Speaking of Sound..., an installation of sound memories was exhibited at the

                     Manetti Shrem Museum at UC Davis

                 June 8, 2017 

                    Sinking into Focus was premiered at the June in Buffalo Festival in Buffalo, NY

            May 11, 2017

                     In the Process of Forming was premiered at UC Davis by Ensemble Mise-en

            March 3, 2017

                      Speaking of Sound... premiered at UC Davis

            Feb 25, 2017

                      Aperture Duo performed Reticulating Splines at the Eureka Musical Minds

                      conference in Fullerton, CA

            Nov 10, 2016

                      The Mana Quartet performed four at UC Davis


             June 25, 2016

                   Disintegration #2 was performed at the SICPP Festival in Boston


                 June 18, 2016

                     the middle section of the middle movement of something really big was

                     performed at the New Music On The Point festival in Salisbury, VT

                 May 23, 2016  

                     The Empyrean Ensemble performed On the Diagonal at UC Davis