Phil Acimovic is composer, performer, and sound installation artist. His works have been played by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Empyrean Ensemble, and at various contemporary music festivals around the country. Acimovic composes quiet, tangled polyphony, music of fluctuating hierarchy and ambiguous stratification. His work has been called "capacious and kinetic."He currently teaches music theory at Smith College.

Acimovic studied and performed Javanese Gamelan in Central Java for over two years. He is a student of Bp. Wakidi Dwidjomartono, Bp. Darsono Hadiraharjo, and several other prominent Javanese musicians. He plays with Gamelan Laras Tentrem in Boston and is a former member of Gamelan Sari Raras. He has directed Mynah Gamelan, the UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble, and a gamelan group at UC Santa Cruz.

Acimovic also constructs sound installations, including Speaking of Sound..., a solo project documenting meaningful sound memories from people's lives, and The Lake Tahoe Sonification Project, a collaborative effort to translate weather data from Lake Tahoe into sound. 


He lives in Easthampton, MA.